Saving the world one pork chop at a time....

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Dads Grill was established in 2003. We are a group of friends and family who leave our real jobs a few times a year to grill some of the best food on the planet! Among our workers we have had teachers (enough that we could start our own school), engineers (one of them holds a patent on the capless fuel tank), an operations manager, a farmer, a minister, a John Deere equipment dealer, a VP of a bank (we never have a problem getting change), a physical therapist (single handedly keeps everyone mobile for the Sunday of Cornfest), college students, nurses, a police officer, prison deputy and an industrial lubricants salesperson (yes, that's an actual job). We are saving the world one pork chop at a time. We do this to have fun and because the owner pays in cash.....but mostly to have fun...

“Definitely the best in the world. Nothing comes close"

- Jim Z.

​​"Best Pork in Town!"

- Dan Hampton, Chicago Bears

"No chop has more flavor..."

-Mary Lou T.

"Dad's Grill food changed my life and saved the world"


"Do you have any corn dogs?"

-My 9 year old